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May joy multiply your actions and your actions multiply joy!

*Ciranda is a round/wheel game in which one sings and dances

Dates: September 22nd – 27th

On September 22, the Coordination of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin, COICA, have called for a mobilization to oppose extractive projects, both legal and illegal, that without consultation or mediation are being carried out in their territories. We come to this important call, this Ciranda is in support of that effort.

From the experience of La Guarura, and our commitment to uplift what we call “the 3rd excluded”, we have come to the difficulty of subsuming ourselves in the fundamental culture of this path: that of listening to one another, that of knowing how to listen.

To recognize this limitation to overcome as part of the idea taught to us by the elders  – that our hand is completed in the hand of another and when we are completing ourselves in the hands of others, we change. The elders teach us to create something new, to recreate ourselves in dialogue. Resistance is a creative act.

In other words, if we want to change the perspective of another, we can only offer our willingness to learn.

We see this Ciranda as a party to convene and learn from the experiences of the struggle for our rights: to life, to health, to land, to joy, to dignity and to beauty, for the rights of Mother Earth and to the life of all communities of living beings that coexist.

We see in this experience an opportunity to listen to one another, to listen to those who do not think how we do but still, they create and struggle. Beyond the conditions that determine that “we are who we are” in a way that is imposed on us, there is an Us that can be found.

We see this Ciranda as a way to put aside the suspicions forced between us by the logic of domination. Let us listen to our diverse narratives – sharing our collective actions through joys and discontents is a practice of recognizing ourselves as kindred.

A return to the joy of resisting the capitalist hydra and all its violence and oppression.

This Ciranda will last five days and will close on September 27, exactly four years after the forced disappearance of the 43 young fighters in Ayotzinapa, Guerrero, Mexico. Our call is to celebrate the joy of their legacy, that for the powers was enough to justify the violence and crime.

Where: everywhere, through our radios and our publications on the Internet.

We want to make visible our struggles, experiences and learnings from the resistances and alternatives that we have been able to build with our own.

When we say ours, we begin with the house, the smallest house that is our heart, where our family and our ancestors are, a house that enlarges towards the community and towards all the sacredness that surrounds us and through which we have gone about revealing our true sovereignty, a sovereignty of the Us.

How we can participate:

This Ciranda is a publication of experiences.

We send to our sister publications messages telling of our experiences, it can be that of a singular activity or several, the organizational experience or the experience of the struggle, experiences of the economic and productive kind, technologies and techniques to solve a human and social issue.

We can send our story as an essay with subtitles, a personal or collective interview, one or several songs and the format can be video, radio, an animation, a slideshow with images and texts.

We are going to develop efforts through social networks to visibilize the cirandas and the publications of those days.

We will use the label #CirandaDeLuchasyExperiencias

Ciranda for the common dialogue or of the flowering word (by us for us).

We can participate in the local and online conversations that will be registered, systematized and published. We will also gather records of experiences that have already occurred that will add to the publication.

Some cirandas may not be a conversation, instead an activity, direct action or mobilization. It is important that you register, publish and send.

Some of these talks will be broadcast and transmitted over the internet and we will all publish the written and photographic records that are made and sent to us.

We can participate in radio programs through phone calls, or comment on the experiences in our publications forums and in our social networks.

We propose whoever writes and sings to question and reflect on this experience to help us question and see from what we do and say, help us build Another Viewpoint and Another Politic based in our experiences. We need allies who tell folks that freedom is an everyday exercise and that it occurs. Therefore, at the end of the 1st Ciranda of Cirandas of struggles and autonomous experiences, we will continue to visibilize ourselves with the help of what the entertainers of this Other Way to write and sing.

The service of defending ourselves, (without waiting for help from above)

We make this convening call not to attack, but to defend what we have been able to build from our collective heart, our house, the waters, the lands and the life of which we are part. It will not be repeating the desperate attacks by the enemy to destroys us, that watches over us and keeps watch over ourselves so that we have real victories.

We fight for a world on the scale of our shared creativity with all beings, we are not interested in a world on the scale of ambition and selfishness. Our victories should serve our communities.

A collective heart

We do not have to see things the same or think the same to agree, there are issues we feel are collective to us and constitute the heart of what we need, that allow us to connect in our diversity.

We coincide in the life we ​​lead, in survival and in resistance, we agree on who attacks us but we do not look like the aggressor, that’s why we defend ourselves against it with a creative diversity that is always renewing and baffling

We promote from this conviction to be increasingly more ourselves, to learn and return to knowing us, overcoming within ourselves the lens of seeing each other as foreign, a lens that has been imposed on us by the eyes of domination.

Our collective heart is strict in the bonds we establish, but each cloth in our fabric is of a thread and a beauty that is distinct, from that beauty we celebrate what we each have to say, do and question, because that diverse stream of words strengthens us.

We believe in the defense of our territories and sovereignties in the face of extractivist development that advances transnational capital with the arguments of Multilateral organizations and the competition of  national governments.

We believe that we are peoples and communities of doers, that we live with our families in resistance, our effort is not discursive, we are what we do to persist, and in addition, we sing.

It is a necessary emphasis because in the media of public opinion, domination attempts to absolve our presence by assimilating our criticism as a discourse to equate our word with the virtual discourse to justify themselves colonially.

We are ants that do not stop doing, producing and reproducing, and we know that those three activities and the songs that are born of them can create a lot of discomfort when they become visible.

The Autonomy

Our efforts point to a model of governance that resembles life, held ever closer to us, an exercise of sovereignties that summon the ancestral memory of our peoples, not to use it as a flag, but to recreate ourselves in her.

As one of our araura (elder) says. «The ancestors left us the seed of something new.»

The word in Castilian that comes closest to that responsible conscience of ordering us to live without intermediation is: Autonomy, that’s why we convene from that point, not as a requirement, but as an experience that gives us identity, we walk so that our daily affairs are filled of a spiritual and material power that sets us free.


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